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Guadalupe Peraza, Founder and Artistic Director

    COMING UP!    

Join us for a wonderful journey of music, dance, wine, and joy! ONE DATE ONLY. Presenting AMAZING artists and surprise special guests! Fandango /Jam session to follow! Everyone is welcome! 

For tickets: Scroll down to the bottom of this link:  Go to Caritas Concerts: Mexamorphosis and click on BOOK NOW.

    ABOUT US    

Led by Mezzo-Soprano, Founder and Artistic Director Guadalupe Peraza, Mexamorphosis offers a distinctive perspective lens through music for exploring and embracing artistic expressions across time, while unearthing and celebrating their diverse and popular roots, from the remote past to the present.

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Explore our past performances! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of musical and cultural experiences, from Baroque music to Son Jarocho, African melodies, and traditions from India and Turkey. 


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