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About Mexamorphosis © 

Led by Founder, Artistic Director, and Mezzo-Soprano Guadalupe Peraza, Mexamorphosis is a celebration of musical diversity from different centuries and cultures. We present cross-cultural programs that question the boundaries drawn between “folk” and “classical” music, street and concert hall, old world and new world.

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Our mission is to establish cultural bridges by fostering a participatory community in which artists and audiences alike feel a sense of belonging. Each performance introduces a rotating cast of highly talented guest artists from different backgrounds. Previous interdisciplinary performances have brought together musicians and dancers from traditions like Son Jarocho, Irish traditional music, early western music and Turkish music, as well as multimedia elements from artists in live video mapping, traditional visual art and aerial dance. We have performed at intimate venues and metropolitan theaters in Mexico and the USA.


Mexamorphosis envisions showcasing the deep connections between diverse artistic traditions, inviting audience members to embrace and experience them through immersive performances. The project aims to challenge stereotypes, question imposed boundaries within music genres, and explore new and organic ways of interacting with different musical and artistic backgrounds. Through this process, we seek to foster creativity and mutual learning, allowing participants to create and learn from each other. It also invites audiences to embark on a journey of cultural interaction through music, transcending origins.


Mexamorphosis explores the powerful influences of world music traditions, predominantly on Western European early music and Mexican music, reinvigorating and reimagining these repertoires through improvisation, original arrangements, and new compositions. Voices, indigenous instruments from around the globe, dance, and visual arts create a sense of enjoyment and community around stories and ideas, revealing how deeply interconnected we are.  By experiencing these diverse traditions and cultures through Mexamorphosis' immersive approach to music-making, audiences have an opportunity to see the world and their place in it in an expansive, inclusive way. 

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