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Discover Mexamorphosis through the lens of the media! Immerse yourself in our press room to explore the diverse portrayals of our project across various outlets.


Guadalupe Peraza and Mexamorphosis: Nurturing Musical Diversity and Freedom of Expression

22 de noviembre de 2023

Woman Around Town


Performance Showcases Diversity, Connections Between Musical Traditions

14 de septiembre de 2023

WWFM The Classical Network in Concert


Musica Viva NY Unveils 2023-24 Season

16 de agosto de 2023

Opera Wire


Musica viva NY Presents MEXA: A Multicultural Musical Project Led by Two Leading Mexican Artists: Conductor Alejandro Hernandez-Valdez and Mezzo-Soprano Guadalupe Peraza

7 de septiembre de 2023

Musical America Worldwide


Diverse Musical Styles from Mexico itegrated into Chamber Choir Concert

12 de octubre de 2023

NY1 News

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