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México Now: Mexamorphosis

Hosted by Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, Claudia Norma, Producer

Americas Society/Council of the Americas,  680 Park Avenue, NYC

21 november 2022

México Now: Mexamorphosis - In collaboration with the music program of the Americas Society “Music of the Americas”, we presented a celebration of Mexican musical diversity with Mexamorphosis. Led by Guadalupe Peraza, Mexamorphosis, created cross-cultural concerts that featured solo and polyphonic western early music in dialogue with traditional African, Turkish, and Mexican instrumentation. Music transitions between styles are made considering their historical and stylistic influences on one another, making the combination harmonically and instrumentally logical.

Special thanks to this season's sponsors: Patrons: Gay Brookes, Suzanne Olbricht, Kevin Fickenscher, Anonymous / Contributors: Leonor Sanginés García, Amanda Sidebottom, Erin Beth Harrist, Anthony and Eloise Brown, Aaron Koch, Peter Flint, Justin Karfo / In kind donations and contributions: Paul and Hannah Holmes, Zenen Zeferino, Mary Wooten, David Enlow, Rodrigo Díaz Bueno, Michael K. Harrist, Meave Treacy

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