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Mexamorphosis at BUCC

Hosted by BUCC, Douglas Drake, Music Director

2504 Broadway, New York City, NY 10025-6949, United States

18 june 2016

Hosted by BUCC, Douglas Drake, Music Director, Guadalupe Peraza presents Mexamorphosis for the first time bringing special guests together.

Special Thanks: Poster design: Christopher Semmens, Graphic Designer; Jesús Peraza (RIP), artist. Contributors: Kyle Rudnick, Vern Woodhead, John Rose. Donors: Gay Brookes, Ivan Peraza, Marjan Algouneh, Heather Petrie, Natalia Armijo, Cecilia Peraza, Carla López Speziale, Nathan Siler, Kyle Rudnick, Alicia Guevara, Ricardo Sanginés.

Mexamorphosis at BUCC

Mexamorphosis at BUCC

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